Myths About Leather You Should Not Believe

Myths About Leather You Should Not Believe

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Myths About Leather You Should Not Believe

Do you want to purchase leather products like leather bags, leather belts, etc. but some myths are stopping you from purchasing? Just like the length of all fingers is not the same, every person has a different opinion about leather products. In this blog, we will discuss some common myths that most of the people have about leather fabric. We will try to bust all these myths in this blog.

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The Cost of Leather Determines its Durability

This is one of the myths about the leather fabric that people believe. If you also think that spending a large amount will give the long lasting leather items, you are making a mistake. There are different types of leather available in the market, but you should be aware of the quality of the products. Also, it is not only the quality of the leather fabric which determines the cost of leather goods. There are other factors too which are responsible for determining the costs of leather goods. Tanning of leather is one of these factors. Vegetable tanned leather products are generally more expensive one than those which are chrome tanned. But many times the vegetable tanned leather goods do not offer great quality because vegetable tanned leather is very thin.

Many brands sell their leather products at high prices because they have distributing agents. On the other hand, if we search the same leather products online, we will find that the same are available at a lower cost than offline.

Leather Can Tumbledown Easily

Many people have a misconception that leather is not sustainable and can easily be scratched. It is another myth about leather products. Leather is known for its durability and strength. If we compare the leather with other fabrics, leather is resistant to scratches. Besides this, the products made of leather are also water-resistant. Hence, you need not worry about going outside on a rainy day if you have a leather bag carrying documents.

Because of the high degree of durability the leather bags offer, most of the travellers prefer leather bags during their adventurous activities to the bags made of other fabrics.

The reason for the high strength of leather bags is the animal hides which are used to manufacture them. The degree of strength of leather bags is determined on the hides taken from a particular animal. Leather bags are mostly made of the hides of cows or buffaloes, on the other hand, leather jackets are made of hides of sheep or lamb.

There are many advantages of purchasing leather bags. One of these advantages is leather does not catch odour like other materials. Also, leather does not catch fire easily.

Cleaning Leather is Very Hard

Another myth about leather materials is they are difficult to clean. But it is easier than washing other fabrics. Leather bags and other goods can easily be cleaned with the help of a wet cloth. If there are any stains on your leather goods like oil stains, you can use baking soda to clean it. But it is advised not to use any type of detergent to clean the goods made of leather fabric because this will wash off the colour of the leather along with the dirt. There are also many different methods to clean the leather products.

Leather is one of the flexible materials. If cleaning is your concern, it is better to buy dark coloured leather products like black leather bags, etc. because they are easier to clean than the leather products having light colour. Leather conditioners are also available in the market. You can use these products for cleaning the leather goods.

Water Damages Leather

Many people think that water may damage the leather goods. But the truth is opposite of this myth. Being a natural fabric, leather has the capability to absorb water. If your leather products get wet accidentally, you need not bother about it. Simply use a dry cloth to soak the water content from it. Just like our skin, natural leather does not have any impact from water.

Leather Colour Fades Away

Leather is one of the durable materials and it is processed in such a way that it lasts long without losing its colour. If you take care of the leather products in the right way, their colour will never fade. What you have to do to maintain leather goods properly is clean them regularly by using a leather conditioner or a wet cloth.

Also, you should avoid placing the leather goods in the places where they receive direct sunlight. Heat dries the natural leather due to which small cracks are developed in it. If you want to purchase leather products like leather bags, you should take care of them properly, as it is necessary for their long life. If you want, you can buy leather bags from us, RVV Leather. We are among the leading leather bags manufacturers and suppliers.

Closing Words

In this blog, we have busted many myths regarding leather products. The truth about the natural leather is it has a lot of good qualities, which makes it a good choice to buy. Leather products offer unbeatable strength, hence, you can carry heavy loads in these bags. Moreover, the leather products are resistant to water. So, if you have a leather jacket, you need not wear a raincoat over it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The lifespan of a leather bag depends upon the quality of leather and other materials used in its manufacturing. Also, the more you take care of your leather bag, the longer they last.

Cleaning a leather bag is easy. You can use a piece of soft wet cloth to clean the dust and dirt from it. If your leather bag has developed stain, there are other methods to clean a leather bag.

Leather is a natural fabric which can be damaged by direct sunlight and moisture. Therefore, you should keep your leather bag in a cool, dry, and dark place. Can I wash my leather bag in a washing machine?

If you search the answer to this on the answer, you will find a positive answer by many people. But it is recommended that you should not wash leather bags in a washing machine. There are many different ways to clean a leather bag.

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